Flexible Tip Foam Swabs

Flexible Tip Foam Swabs

The large, flexible tip of our Flexible Tip Foam Swabs reaches deeper into tight areas. Great for flux removal and capillary cleaning on drive rollers. Each tip measures 0.3”x0.8" on a 4.5" plastic handle.


FOAM SWABS 100/pack, 0.3x0.8" flex head

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microfiber assortment cloths on the hood of the car.

Thoroughly Clean Tight Spaces with these Flexible Swabs

The large, flexible tip on Critical Cleaning’s Flexible Tip Foam Swabs reaches deeper into tight, hard-to-reach areas. These foam swabs are ideal for flux removal and drive-roller capillary cleaning. 0.3”x0.8” foam tip on a 4.5” plastic handle.

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