Skid Lubricant

SKID Lubricant

SKID Penetrating Lubricant from Critical Cleaning lubricates, penetrates, and protects metal surfaces. It wastes no time loosening and dissolving scale, corrosion, rust, and dirt in manufacturing processes.

A490CSSTON01  /

SKID Penetrant/Lubricant 10 oz/12 per CS

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B790GLSTON01  /

SKID Case of 4 GL

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B790PLSTON01  /

SKID 5 Gallon

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B790DRSTON01  /

SKID 55 Gallon

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hand holding spray lubricant in his hand to lubricate the bike chain

Lubricate, Protect, and Save Time with this Multi-Purpose Industrial Lube

SKID Penetrating Lubricant is a multi-purpose, time-saving shop tool that penetrates, lubricates, and protects metal surfaces. SKID penetrates between close tolerance parts to quickly dissolve and loosen rust, corrosion, dirt, and scale. As it penetrates tight areas, it carries lubricating oil to free stuck or frozen parts for easy removal and smooth operation. SKID leaves a very thin coating to help protect metals and prevent future seizing. For use in the manufacturing process only. Available in bulk packaging.

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