Made to penetrate and protect most metal surfaces, Critical Cleaning’s Penetrating Lube with PTFE gets between parts with close tolerances to loosen and dissolve rust, dirt, scale, and corrosion.

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Penetrating Lube with PTFE 10 oz/12 per CS

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Long-Lasting Performance from a Multi-Purpose Lube

Stoner A194 Penetrating Lube with PTFE is a multi-purpose shop tool that penetrates and protects most metal surfaces. A194 penetrates between close tolerance parts to quickly dissolve and loosen rust, corrosion, dirt, and scale. As it penetrates the tightest areas, it frees stuck or frozen parts for easy removal and smooth operation. A194 leaves a very thin oil and PTFE coating to help protect metals and prevent future seizing. Rather than squirting out under pressure, like oils do, microscopic PTFE particles cling, like little ball bearings, between metals to improve wear. PTFE is a durable, high-performance, dry, synthetic fluoropolymer lubricant which reduces friction and gives long-lasting performance even in difficult lubrication applications. For use in the manufacturing process only. H-2 USDA approval rating.

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