Anti-Static Glass Cleaner

Anti-Static Glass Cleaner

The special foaming action in Critical Cleaning’s Anti-Static Glass Cleaner means no runs or drips, streaks, haze, or film. And it prevents the build-up of static when it’s used regularly.

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Glass Cleaner 13 oz/12 per CS

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Powerful Cleaning for Plastic Surfaces

A166 Anti-Static Glass Cleaner doesn't run or drip like messy liquid cleaners because special foaming action keeps the cleaner in place until wiped. Harmless to virtually all plastic, glass, vinyl, and painted surfaces. Leaves no streaks, haze, or film and dries fast after wiping. It also dissipates static electricity and prevents build-up of static charges when used regularly.

A166 Anti-Static Glass Cleaner is a fast-acting, non-abrasive, foaming cleaner formulated for use on most hard surfaces such as glass, plastic, and electronic screens. This foaming water-based formula quickly removes tough dirt, dust, grease, toner, carbon, fingerprints, smudges, and other types of build-up.

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