Most Versatile Swabs

Most Versatile Swabs

Our Most Versatile Swabs combine economy with high absorbency. These swabs from Critical Cleaning are the best value for all kinds of cleaning applications. The foam tip has a cotton core and measures 0.4”x0.6” with a 6” wooden handle.

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Get High Absorbency and High Economy with these Most Versatile Swabs

Critical Cleaning’s Most Versatile Swabs offer an ideal balance of absorbency and economy for maximum cleaning impact. These foam-tip swabs with a cotton core are the best value for most industrial and large-scale cleaning applications.

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If our Most Versatile Swab isn’t the perfect swab for your job, have a look at the Rectangular Tip Foam Swab or Flexible Tip Foam Swab. And while you’re here, take a look at our full line of Critical Cleaning accessories: