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    Our Products are Made for Superior Commercial Cleaning

    Have dusty electronics, grimy plastics, and sticking machinery? You can enjoy a better workday with our high-quality, commercially focused cleaners. Don’t settle for a multi-surface cleaner that does the same poor job across all spaces – choose the right tool for the job with Stoner Critical Cleaning.

    Day-to-day activities can build up dust and grime that will slow you down or make customers turn away. We at Stoner Critical Cleaning want to provide you with the absolute best possible office cleaning products for your commercial property. Don’t miss out on business because of a bit of dirt – let us help you be the best you can be.



    Gust™ Dusters

    Use our line of GUST™ Dusters and enjoy a dust-free workspace. Blow away dust, dirt, and debris without harming electronics, glass, or optics.



    Save your electronic devices with our line of gentle cleaners. Remove dirt, dust, light oil, and grease from electronics with our specialty contact cleaners.

    Industrial Cleaners


    Clean even the toughest grime without struggle. Clean, degrease, or sanitize plastics, mold surfaces, and machinery and with these specialized cleaners.



    Work faster and harder than before with industrial-strength sprays. Prevent sticking, reduce friction, and unfreeze parts with aerosol lubricants.


    Request a Sample and Experience the Difference!

    We stand by the quality of our products and offer no-commitment samples to all who request. Once you’ve felt the difference between standard multi-purpose office cleaning products and our focused commercial cleaners, you won’t return to the same old products. See the shining results that you can enjoy every day, then call us, and we will help you get fully stocked!

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