Multi-Purpose Flux Remover

Multi-Purpose Flux Remover

Multi-Purpose Flux Remover quickly and effectively eliminates rosin-based solder flux and is well-suited for use on boards, components, connectors, PCBs, relays, and much more.

94072CSTON02  /

Flux Remover 12 oz/12 per CS (1233)

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A Powerful Contact Cleaner for Removing Rosin-Based Solder Flux

Multi-Purpose Flux Remover rapidly removes rosin-based solder flux to give repairs a factory-new appearance. This powerful contact cleaner is compatible with solvent-resistant components such as boards, components, connectors, PCBs, and relays. High-pressure stream flushes away solder balls remaining from reflow solder repairs. Evaporates fast and leaves no residue. Always allow equipment to completely dry before re-energizing.

This high-strength cleaner is NOT for use on energized equipment, polycarbonate, polystyrene, ABS, display panels, or solvent-sensitive materials or coatings. Rated as a non-flammable aerosol by ASTM testing method D3065-01.

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