All Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner

This high-pH concentrated cleaner is powerful enough to quickly and easily remove brake dust, oil, bugs, grease, stains, and tough grime from vinyl, rubber, tires, whitewalls, machinery, engines, grilles, floors, and more.

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All Purpose Cleaner 5 Gallon

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A Fast-Acting Stripping Cleaner for Tires, Engines, Grills, and More

Stoner Car Care Pro All Purpose Cleaner (APC) is a powerful, high-pH cleaner that quickly cuts through grease, oil, dirt, bugs, brake dust, stains, and other tough grime in seconds. All Purpose Cleaner is a fast stripping cleaner for tires, rubber, whitewalls, vinyl, wheels, engines, grills, machinery, bay floors, and more.

This powerful concentrate must be diluted with water before use. In concentrated form, or if allowed to dry on surfaces, this high-pH cleaner can etch glass, aluminum, and other surfaces. As a result, this material should not be used in direct sunlight or warm surfaces and should be rinsed clean or pressure washed within two minutes after application.

To remove difficult greasy dirt found on engines, undercarriages, test a dilution of 5:1 (water:APC). For light dirt or delicate materials such as plastics, vinyl, carpeting, and painted surfaces, test a dilution of 12:1 (water:APC). Adjust these dilutions for desired cleaning performance and economy with caution.

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