GUST™ Time Saving Easy Duster

GUST™ Time Saving Easy Duster

When you need superior blast power and adjustable pressure for delicate surfaces and hard-to-reach spots, turn to our GUST™ Time Saving Easy Duster, one of our most popular GUST™ Dusters.

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GUST™ Time Saving Easy Duster

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Our GUST™ Time Saving Easy Duster has become one of our top GUST™ Dusters, known for its exceptional blast power and variable pressure for hard-to-reach spots and delicate surfaces.
using a can of compressed air to clean the inside of a PC

Like a Portable Air Compressor in Your Tool Kit

Need results fast? Try our best value air duster: the GUST™ Time Saving Easy Duster. It easily removes dust, dirt, and contaminants from hard-to-reach areas or delicate surfaces like display screens, audio systems, tight spots in trim, air vents, and more. GUST™ Easy Duster contains an ultrapure, 100% ozone safe, moisture-free propellant with blasting power exceeding 70 psi. GUST™ is like having a portable air compressor that you can hold in your hand and fit in your tool kit. With GUST™, you get a blast of extremely clean, filtered, moisture-free, high-pressure gas.  GUST™’s unique variable pressure trigger lets you control the dusting pressure for any cleaning job, big or small. 

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