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Electronic Duster Sprays & Precision Cleaners

When you work with electronics and precision equipment, you need cleaners that won’t interfere with delicate processes. But you also need to know that your electronic duster sprays and precision cleaners will be strong enough to remove dust and dirt that might damage or slow down your work. For an easier and more consistent cleaning experience, choose the many cleaners that we formulate, manufacture, and sell.

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Flux Remover 12 oz/12 per CS (1233)

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Freezing Spray 10 oz/12 per CS

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Gust Air Duster 10 oz/12 per CS

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Rubber Parts Cleaner 1 gallon

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Isopropyl Alcohol 5 Gallon

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What Specialty Cleaning Jobs Do You Need?

Your office’s cleaning needs are likely unique – whether it’s a dusty office requiring you to clean tiny crevices, or an IT center requiring flux and solder removal, we can help you tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. Learn more about how our precision cleaners will cut down your work and help you keep a safe, clean, and more productive work environment!

Clean and Protect Your Computer Systems

Removing dust and grime from electronics is delicate, and you can’t risk damaging sensitive circuitry. Our  line of GUST™ Dusters provides a powerful spray via a focused extension tube to remove dust. This line of the best electronic duster sprays on the market ensures you get the most out of your computers, servers, and electronics.

Diagnose Electrical Failures with Freezing Spray

Freezing spray is a valuable electrical diagnostic tool that provides cleaning benefits to your workflow. Malfunctioning electronics and short circuits generate heat. Using a low-temperature spray to freeze over a circuit allows diagnoses of issues by looking for where the circuit thaws more quickly. Additionally, freezing sprays can help remove caked-on and sticky substances by freezing and chipping off the problem.

Clean up Repairs with Flux Remover

Take care of your electronics with an efficient and focused flux remover. Errant flecks of flux will cause short circuits and damage your electronics in the long run. By removing unwanted flux from circuitry, you ensure the efficient connections that you do need. The extension tube will allow exact applications of this cleaning product for error-free repairs.

Clean Belts and Rubber Without Fear of Damage

Rubber is a highly flexible and valuable material that common cleaning supplies can break down or damage. Our rubber parts cleaner will remove residue and fluids from rubber components while not drying out or damaging the part.

Why Choose the Critical Cleaning Experience?

Your office and commercial cleaners need to be created to do specific work. Every person in your business must have a specialty, and the products you use are no different. Each of our unique formulations can give your business a new and exciting product that will tackle your day-to-day problems. Don’t settle for a 3-in-1 cleaner that does the bare minimum. Choose the best tool for the job with benefits to match:


A team of industry-leading experts formulates every product, from our electronic duster sprays to our rubber parts cleaner. You can trust that every product in our inventory will perfectly align with your unique niche for a more thorough clean every time.


Precision cleaners do more than just make your business look nice. They help you get the most out of your equipment. With a high-pressure air duster, you can remove dust and dirt from electronics that might lead to overheating damages.


A cleaner business is a more productive business. From lubricating industrial equipment to giving employees a more comfortable space, cleanliness is an overlooked and under-valued aspect that adds to your office’s productivity.

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We work with businesses within countless industries, providing each one with cleaners that perfectly suit their needs. From industrial cleaners to electronic duster sprays, we know how the slightest formula change can make the most significant difference. Call us today, and we’ll help you find the needed products!

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