Trusted Brands

Stoner Molding Solutions



Stoner Molding Solutions are known for superior performance and consistent quality. Molders have come to rely on Stoner’s world class service and expert solutions for the challenges facing their business.

In the 1960s, Stoner’s success with rubber molding led to release agents for thermoplastic injection. By the 1970s, Stoner expanded into polyurethane molding. During the 1980s new cleaners and rust preventives were added and in the 1990s Stoner developed products for investment casting and melt spinning of polyester and nylon fiber.

In 2000, Stoner purchased Zip Molders Edge products and in 2006 acquired the Dwight Products Nix Stix line for polyurethane molding. In 2008, Stoner acquired the Releasomers line for rubber and rotational molding. In 2013, the TraSys brand for rubber and rotational molding was added and the Honey Wax and KantStik brands for composites molding were added in 2014.

Stoner’s brand portfolio now offers solutions for any molding process. If you can mold it, we can release it.

Stoner Car Care



Stoner Car Care products grew naturally from plastics molding. In the 1960s Stoner developed the first aerosol dressing called “No-Rub Polish,” which restored shine to faded auto trim without wiping. It quickly became a favorite of auto dealers and detailers.

In the 1970s and 1980s new cleaners, waxes, and polishes were added and in the 1990s Stoner offered concentrates for self serve and automatic car washes. Today Stoner Car Care products are preferred by car wash, detailing, and restoration professionals worldwide.


As Stoner Car Care products gained favor with professionals, consumers increasingly requested to purchase them. In 1996 Stoner Car Care products were first offered in automotive retail stores and their popularity grew.


Invisible Glass

Invisible Glass became America’s #1 selling automotive glass cleaner in 2009 and has retained that ranking ever since. As demand increased for its streak-free performance and superior cleaning power, it was made available in pump spray bottles and wipes in a canister.


Before long, Invisible Glass was available in automotive retailers as Clean & Repel, a glass cleaner with rain repellent, a Reach and Clean tool, lens wipes, windshield washer fluid, wiper blades, and rain repellent and anti-fog windshield treatments.


As automotive demand grew, women increasingly requested to purchase Invisible Glass in the household cleaning aisle. In 2012 Invisible Glass was launched at grocery stores where its popularity has steadily grown. Today Invisible Glass is a recognized, trusted glass care brand.